Superbowl of Motocross

I love the guy in the middle with beard, glasses and a frosty mug of beer.   And they’re practically guaranteeing there will be a bike that catches on fire.  The ’70′s were good times.


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  1. Pooher says:

    I went to almost every rac the colesium, best memories were being on the infield with my camera taking pictures as a photgrapher from Chopper magazine with my buddy who was a clerk at the rag, because the bikers did not think SX was cool. 2nd was being drunk out of my mind and thinking it would be a cool deal to steal the CBS banner for a buddy of mine. The puncher saved my butt by punching the security guard who had me in his grasp as I was trying to scale the wall. Got the banner and got away. Pooher

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